Hello. I'm Sudhanshu. 👋
Hello. I'm Sudhanshu. 👋

Hello. I'm Sudhanshu. 👋

Product/UX Designer with 15+ years of professional experience.

Currently: Looking for a product design leader opportunity

About Me

I’m a product design strategist and a UX design leader that loves to inspire cultural and digital product changes throughout large organizations by asking them to take calculated risks, pushing the boundaries on the art of the possible, and empowering them to create evergreen digital solutions that drive results.

Over the past few years, my focus has been around leading, mentoring, and growing high-performing multi-disciplinary agile design teams within the digital product/technology field. I love culture-hacking the norm and bringing “start-up” energy and excitement into businesses that may have fallen trapped in everyday norms.

At heart, I am a product designer and agile transformational leader with business-savvy leadership skills that harnesses the positive in almost every situation to transform organizations by leap-frogging the fears that most would let hold them back. Saying we can’t to me will only drive me to push for a can in us all.

What I do

I work with organizations to build strong dynamic user experience teams on the foundation of strategy, research, and design. My role is to assemble the right mix of talent, help them solve design problems on specialized cross-functional teams, and ensure that results are aligned with business goals and create delightful holistic customer experiences. I enjoy being both an active contributor and a coach that guides designers to make the right decisions, develop their skills, and do their best work.

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